Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Christchurch

Wednesdays 7.15-8,15pm

Stanpit Guide Hut, Stanpit, BH23 3ND.

Parking – there is ample free parking at Stanpit Rec, just a short walk from the venue.

If you are new please just email or text me to confirm your place, you’ll need to bring a mat or let me know if you need to borrow one!

Fluid Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic series of poses building strength, stamina, creating a solid and lean core, releasing tight areas for optimal posture and alignment.

The class is open to all levels, there are modifications to suit different needs.  It is accessible yet will challenge each individual – its about finding your personal ‘edge’ and nudging it, not about pushing yourself to the limit.  Before you know it, those ‘limits’ you perceived will have melted away…

Yoga perfectly complements more intense training and is the perfect way to recover from your sports – we have windsurfers, canoeists, surfers, cyclists and more all coming for their dose of yoga! It is also recommended for all Perfect Fit for Life Personal Training Clients (who will be using kettlebells, the TRX, Valslides, bodyweight & resistance training according to their unique goals and needs).

Yoga provides another way to build strength and ‘tone up’ whilst also providing a way to recover from training and address any tight areas.  This means you get even more out of your training sessions!

But yoga is not purely a physical endeavour.  While this is a relatively physical class, the physical poses are a way to achieve peace, mindfulness and connect movement and breath.  We don’t do a lot of chanting in this class, but we do always end with the very important shavasana and a short meditation. The entire class is designed to be a moving meditation – when you first start there is a lot to take in, but as you grow used to the flow and the poses you will find that you begin to notice this being possible!

I also offer lunchtime coporate yoga classes – these can be express 30 minute sessions that will boost mood, energy and productivity!  If you would like to discuss the options or want me to speak to someone at your company please get in touch.

Sessions are £8 per session pay as you go or you can purchase a 10 class pass for £65.

Please bring a yoga mat (I have some & I can lend you one, if you need one let me know but I do recommend having your own for 2 reasons – its nicer than being face down where someone else’s feet / sweat have been and it means you may practice some poses in between classes at home!).

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