Reiki is a wonderful way to reduce emotional and physical ailments and restore balance and wellbeing to all.  Treatments are gentle and hugely relaxing, consisting of light touch while you are fully clothed (if you don’t like touch then it can be done without actual physical contact too!) on a massage couch.

If you are stressed, anxious or feel a sense of unease or overwhelm at life in general Reiki is a fantastic way to restore balance.  Many physical ailments can be addressed with Reiki too – it should never take the place of medication or surgery when needed, but may reduce the need for both and is one of the only things that can be used alongside any other treatment to reduce side effects and aid recovery.

It is safe when pregnant and I highly recommend Reiki at this magical but often stressful time!

I also use a similar technique / energy called Seichem, that addresses even deeper levels than the Reiki.

Healing sessions are usually an hour long, and are usually at my home but I can also come to you (this costs a little more).

Each healing session is £30.  You can save by booking a block of 6 sessions (valid for 6 months)  at only £150.


As a Reiki & Seichem Master I not only offer healing but I can also teach you to be a practitioner or even a teacher yourself!

If you have chronic issues I usually recommend at least the Level 1 course so you can then perform regular ‘self-healing’ sessions, rather than being reliant on me or another healer.  This empowers you to manage your issue or condition and saving a lot of time and money too!

If you would like to train as a Reiki practitioner whether to further your own practice and empower your self healing, or to heal others, do get in touch.  I will be releasing course dates but I will mostly arrange courses on a request basis.

I can run level 1 & 2 courses for small groups and on a 121 basis too.


I especially love to treat Pregnant women, and parents of new babies and older children, and the children can be treated too.  I offer full family training sessions where the whole family receive the training and attunement to be a Reiki & Seichem practitioner – meaning the family can heal each other, anytime, rather than coming to me!

For more information please email me: or text me on 07798 941832 and I can call you back at a convenient time.

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