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Lifestyle changes are key to getting results – but don’t panic!

Get Fit, Burn Fat, Feel Great!

We tend to shy away from change, as it may sound painful or uncomfortable.  I aim to uncover your goals, educate you on how to achieve those goals, and help you adopt new habits over time.  My aim is to help you make these changes in a wholly positive way, focussing on new habits forming rather than ‘breaking’ the old habits.  Some things take more time than others, but for meaningful and long term change this is absolutely fine – we will work together to focus on as much or as little as we need to.

I think you will be surprised at just how pleasant these changes end up being – as the results are increased energy, vitality and zest for life, as well as an improved figure of course!

Assess your current lifestyle by answering the following questions:

* I have clear and definite goals in place with specific time frames?

* I have a strong belief that these goals are achievable and a strong desire to achieve them?

* I know the importance of good posture and a strong core in maintaining optimal health and ensure that mine is worked upon through stretches, exercises and movements and habits that keep me in alignment?

* I drink plenty of water every day (at least a litre per 25kg that I weigh) and I know the difference this is making to my body and wellbeing?

* I avoid processed food at least 80% of the time, focussing on wonderful veggies, fruits, lean proteins, nuts and seeds.

* I avoid microwaved or pre-packaged food as much as possible, realising that healthy food can be whipped up just as quickly whilst tasting better too?

* I have a system in place to regulate my overall food intake and I am aware that both quality and quantity are key to achieving fat loss (or muscle gain)?

* I am aware that for fat loss, exercise is only a small part of the equation, and I must eat appropriately to have any chance of achieving my goals?

* I see food as ‘nourishment’ and strive to get maximum nutrition, rather than seeing it as ‘fuel’.

* I remind myself to breathe!  And realise that we can access stored energy (which is what we want to use up after all!) more effectively when I breathe fully.

* I am learning to distinguish between ‘hunger’, ‘desire for food’ and ‘cravings’ and I strive to become more intuitive about eating what my body needs, rather than for emotional comfort.

* I am aware that there are no ‘quick fixes’ and understand that the lifestyle choices I make are reflected directly in how I look and feel and I take responsibility for these choices?

* I strive for balance – mentally, physically and emotionally – and understand that an ‘all or nothing’ approach is not a helpful one.  I can indulge on occasion without guilt as I have confidence that my overall lifestyle is healthy, balanced and positive.

* I do not engage in self-destructive thinking or let sabotaging thoughts affect my choices.  I have a system in place to ‘check’ my self talk and ensure that I remind myself of how grateful I am for this wonderful body with all its amazing potential.  If it is not where I want it to be now, I focus positively on where I want it to be, whilst also appreciating where I am now.

* I exercise at least 3-4 times per week regardless of the type of day I have had and strive to stay present and focussed in each exercise session?

* I use exercises that encourage the use of as many muscles as possible at once?

* I avoid exercise machines most of the time opting instead for bodyweight or free weight exercises?

* I am aware that long duration steady cardio is not the answer for accelerating fat loss – I opt instead for short, intense interval training balanced out with regular long, restorative walks or yoga.

* I focus as much on recovery and regeneration as training and understand that this is where the real results are experienced?

* I build as much overall activity into my daily life as possible and live by the principle that we gain energy by expending it?

* I get to sleep most nights by 10.30 in order to bring about the greatest regeneration for my body and in order to optimise hormones?

* I generally wake up feeling energetic, refreshed and raring to go?

This set of questions serves as a reminder that it is tweaks to all aspects of your lifestyle that will produce the results you are after! The more you can address, the better the effect.  We all have different ‘weak links’ and it is my job to help you identify and address yours with a plan of action (and the resulting ‘action’ may be more sleep and more recovery, surprisingly!).

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