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What Is The Hypopresive Method?

The Hypopresive Method is a MUST for all women!  Whether you plan to have children, have several or are between (a very important time in fact) then this method can prevent and heal pelvic floor damage as well as get your abdominals back to how they should be (in most cases your core will be even better than before!).

The Hypopresive Method is a system of poses and a breathing technique that can be done at home with no equipment that can repair damage to pelvic floor & core after childbirth, as well as prevent damage in the first place!

ALL women need this (and actually men too but more on that later!) and certainly if you ever have any ‘leakage’ when coughing, sneezing, running, lifting heavy things or exercising intensely (even intense activities like box jumps should NOT result in leaks!) then you need to incorporate this into your life.

The term ‘Hypopresive’ refers to decrease or reduction in pressure, whereas traditional ab exercises and things that can damage the pelvic floor are hyperpresive – increasing pressure.  When the pressure is more than the body can take the weakest spot will take the hit – for women this is usually the Pelvic Floor and for men it is hernias or ‘slipped’ discs. By retraining your core / pelvic floor (they are inextricably linked) with the Hypopresive Method you are not having to think about it, your body just has better resting tone all the time.

Typical pelvic floor and core exercise such as Pilates relies on conscious contraction, which means that when you are tired, cranky, loading a car up with shopping or babies and twisting you may well do your back in as you have lost that conscious control.  With Hypopresives that is not the case – this is true core strength.

By performing the Hypopresive Method (there is a set sequence and protocol for best results, and you can also use it as a warm up / cool down for unavoidable HYPERpresive activities) you will strengthen the core deeply and completely, by including the pelvic floor rather than compromising it. In our quest for a flat belly we can actually be doing more harm than good!

The Hypopresive Method has a Multitude of Proven Benefits:

  • Reduces waist size and flattens the abdominal wall (average 8% reduction with no dietary changes – contrast to ab crunches that can dome the abdominal wall and make it look bigger!)
  • Increases abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tone ( average 58% )
  • Prevention and treatment of incontinence, prolapse and hernias
  • Increases explosive strength and anaerobic capacity for sports performance
  • Raises metabolism (up to 15%!)
  • Improvement of sexual function & pleasure
  • Improves posture (not just the ‘core’ part but also improves the upper back ‘stoop’ so many of us have)
  • Activates the sympathetic nervous system – this means it is stimulating – a few Hypopresives can wake you up as much as a cup of coffee without the negative side effects (perfect for breastfeeding mums too!)
  • Strengthens the core deeply so you can withstand HYPERpresive activities without causing pelvic floor damage (so you can safely jump and skip and laugh away without TENA ladies!)

Ten Reasons To Do The Hypopresive Method!


The Hypopresive Method was ‘discovered’ & developed in Spain by Dr. Marcel Caufriez in the 1980s as a non-surgical treatment for women with pelvic floor issues.  It was discovered accidentally when a woman being assessed with a cold speculum took a deep breath and her prolapse was drawn in!

Dr Caufriez then developed the system and it became the Hypopresive Method. It is widely used in Spain but has taken a long time to cross the Channel (& Atlantic) and even now much of the material online is in Spanish.  It is taken as a given than post partum mums will use this method – contrast this with the UK where Pelvic Floor health is not even discussed, other than ‘do your kegels’ (which can make things worse!).  There are certainly no checks done and prolapses are often only detected when a woman goes for a smear test!


Hypopresives are very different to Pilates and Yoga!  In fact, to most forms of abdominal training!

Hypopresives stimulate the nervous system and cause an involuntary contraction of the abdominals and pelvic floor. The breathing pattern combined with a variety of postures and poses creates a vacuum effect that has the abdominals and pelvic floor unconsciously brought in and upward without damaging force or pressure

This Hypopresive Method engages the tonic, slow twitch, muscle fibres that comprise 75–80% of the core. Traditional exercises work the fast twitch muscles that are only actually 3–4%, of the muscle fibres! Once you have trained using the Hypopresive Method you simply continue with a  maintenance programe ongoing.  The muscle fibres then work continuously, even at rest, due to the fact that you have trained the involuntary system. Much like getting fitter makes your heart beat more strongly all the time, so long as you keep a level of fitness up.  This allows us to withstand the pressures of daily activities, creating a strong functional core  (core refers to the abdominals, pelvic floor, diaphragm and posterior chain muscles)  which then work as a unit.

The Hypopresive Method can help both women and men prevent and recover from other prolapse & other pelvic floor dysfunctions (see one advanced instructors stage 2 prolapse recovery story here: http://coresetfitness.com/testimonials/trista-zinn-personal-prolapse-story/).

The Hypopresive Method is a complete core strengthening technique that has wide ranging benefits for women and men alike, non-exercisers to high level elite athletes.

Is the Hypopresive Method for you?

  • you suffer from a pelvic floor disorder such as incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or prolapse or would like to prevent such disorders
  • you would like to correctly strengthen your core muscles without causing unwanted, problematic pressure to the pelvic floor
  • you are interested in preparing your body for pregnancy
  • you are ready to recover your pelvic floor strength after childbirth
  • you aim to decrease waist size, improve posture, flatten abdominals, improve circulation or improve athletic performance

The Hypopresive Method is not for those who are pregnant or have hypertension or an inguinal or umbilical hernia. If you fall into any of these categories, consider 121 Personal Training instead.

Watch the video to find out more!


Pelvic Organ Prolapse Questionaire – POP RISK FACTOR QUESTIONNAIRE

If you suspect you have Pelvic Organ Prolapse but are not sure, this questionnaire may help you decide whether or not you need to seek guidance from a health care professional. If you have 3 or more risk factors listed on this questionnaire, you may be at risk for POP and should be screened by your health care practitioner. Early detection of POP can lead to less aggressive treatment options. Print out this questionnaire and take it to your GP for analysis if you feel you are at risk of having POP.


If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, COPD or serious digestive diseases like Crohn’s you should not practice hypopresives.  If you have a hernia then you cannot practive hypopresives.  If you have had a hernia or prolapse repair you can practice hypopresives as long as you are signed off for exercise, and in the case of mesh that it is stable and healed.  You might like to discuss the specifics with your doctor but they will not understand what hypopresives are!  Ideally all women’s health doctors and physios would be aware of this method, so the best thing you can do is send them to my page and from here they can find the other links to help them find out more (or they can email me!).

PLEASE NOTE: Health and Fitness professionals are of course welcome on the course, but the information provided is only appropriate for private individual use, as it only covers a basic overview of the method.  It should not be used to teach or treat clients, but if you are interested in becoming a Qualified Instructor please let me know and I can give you the details of the relevant contact.



A 90 minute workshop introducing the method, teaching the breathing and a selection of postures – you can then do these at home on your own but for the full programme you will need to book a series of 121 training sessions.

£30 paid in advance (no refunds or transfers once booked) workshops will be held monthly. Next workshop Aug 3rd 10.30am BOOK HERE

STAGE 2 WORKSHOP – DATE TBC (please let me know if you are interested and I can arrange to suit).


An 8 week programme consisting of one 60 minute session each week to take you through the entire reprogramming cycle (you will need to do some home practice too). In addition we will look at posture, core, flexibility and appropriate additional exercises will be included, as well as nutrition / diet and anything else required depending on your goals.

£320 paid in advance

Please note sessions need to be taken within the 8 week timeframe (adjusting for holidays in advance is fine of course) and are not refundable.


An 8 week programme consisting of 2 x 60 minute sessions each week to take you through the entire reprogramming cycle (weeks 4-8 you will need to do some home practice too).  In addition we will look at posture, core, flexibility and appropriate additional exercises will be included, as well as nutrition / diet and anything else required depending on your goals. Home practice not needed in the first 4 weeks but there will be some needed in weeks 4-8.

£560 paid in advance (=25% discount)

Please note sessions need to be taken within the 8 week timeframe (adjusting for holidays in advance is fine of course) and are not refundable but if for any reason you decided hypopresives were not for you this can be transferred to regular Personal Training or Yoga sessions.


An 8 week programme consisting of 2 x 45 minute sessions each week to take you through the entire reprogramming cycle (weeks 4-8 you will need to do some home practice too).

£560 shared between the number of attendees (max 4 people) – all sessions arranged & paid for in advance (rearranging times once set is not an option with shared sessions)

Please note sessions need to be taken within the 8 week timeframe (adjusting for holidays in advance is fine of course) and are not refundable.



If you are interested in 121 coaching we can meet informally to chat in more detail over a coffee, and discuss your own personal needs and situation in more detail before getting stuck in!

Please text me on 07798 941832 or email me caroline.radway@gmail.com

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