Festive Chaos? Yoga & Fitness Tips That Will Help You Feel Great (and still indulge!)

Christmas is coming, even though it doesn’t maybe feel it – perhaps due to the weather having taken an autumnal turn after the gorgeous sunny, wintry weather we had the last few weeks?

Or maybe it’s just that I don’t have kids yet and have managed to avoid the shops!

Anyway, as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher one thing I hear more than anything at this time of year is:

‘I’ll just get Christmas out of the way, then I’ll get on it / back on it in the New Year’

Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………………….. (cue a few minutes emergency yoga breathing to chill me back out, ha ha)

It does infuriate me just a little, as Christmas really is only a day, and I know the festivities last a whole lot longer, there is ALWAYS time to do at least a bit of something HUGELY worthwhile.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve eaten mince pies for breakfast (& lunch, & dinner)….  You can still get out for a 20 minute brisk walk and you will feel soooo much better.

You may have the hangover from hell but sitting still all day and eating it away is not the best answer!  Sure, some greasy food does often help, but this doesn’t mean you can’t move your body – and getting the toxins out by movement and fresh air is a great idea.

We have time over Christmas, we can’t deny it.  Thing might be busy but there is a lot of hanging around and if you plan well, you could fit in a 10 minute yoga routine, or a mini tabata workout, or even just a warm up / cool down that will mobilise your joints and keep your blood flowing.

Man, I managed to host my first EVER Christmas for 8 people and drive from Southampton to my now-local Avon beach for a windsurf last year on Christmas Day, and got back ahead of schedule and ate earlier than planned!

If you get up a few minutes earlier (usually the most fool-proof approach and usually means you can’t get waylaid by mulled wine, although you may need some more time to recover surely not every day though?!) you can do these right away, or find a random time in the day.  The key is you have to MAKE them time, it won’t miraculously appear (and if you are scrolling on Facebook then it DEFINTELY won’t appear but time may mysteriously vanish.

How about ad-break movements?  That are not just getting up to the kitchen for another cuppa and some Roses?  10 squats and 10 push ups whenever a certain word is said on a certain show?

Here are my top 3 suggestions and some TOOLS to help you:

1.  Do the 5 Tibetans every day (5-10 mins): http://www.perfectfitforlife.com/2015/01/the-5-tibetans-a-simple-daily-practice-with-huge-benefits/ (Gabby Logan & Bruce Forsyth manage to do them daily….)

Join me in the start now and go through till the end of Jan 5 Tibetan Challenge: https://www.facebook.com/groups/529220340430505/

2. Use the Fit Body Fix Workouts Videos – you can just do the Dynamic Warm Up then Cool Down, you can add your own thing in the middle, or you can do one or other of the workouts that are there on the page too.

Some ideas for your own workout:

Pyramid 2 Exercises of your choice, alternate upper & lower body, 10 reps of each, then 9 of each, all the way to 1… Go back up again if you like!

E.G. Squats & push ups, reverse lunges & renegade rows.

3. Do some energising Yoga Sun Salutations, followed by Shavasana, resting corpse pose.  Yes, yoga is great as you are expected to do hard work but follow it with a deep relax!  5 mins in shavasana is said to be equivalent to a couple of hours of sleep, so the busier you are the more you should do it!  Here’s a good little vid (not me this time!)

Or come along Wednesday 7-8pm to my Dynamic Vinyasa Class, that will be detoxing and energising!

I am also running an outdoor fitness session at Steamer Point 6pm next Thursday – drop ins welcome that evening so if you need some post Christmas movement let me know and come along and join the fun!

So, whatever you choose to do, get a plan in place and make sure you get some movement in this festive season – even if you are eating way too much it will make you feel so much better, and offset things a little.  And when you get back on it ‘properly’ in the New Year it will actually feel quite a bit easier!


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